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Discover amazing Castles in Europe

We've a passion for visiting amazing castles, ruins and another historical buildings.
And we'd love to show you some breathtaking places! This site is filled with our photographs of castles we visited. We hope it inspires you to get out there and discover these places for yourself.
Join us on a fairy-tale journey into the past.

Marina und Pierre von Discovery Castle

Marina & Pierre

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Panoramic view   Haut Andlau Castle

Burg Andlau


Romrod Castle

17.02.2018   Photos

Romrod Castle
in Hesse

Derneck Castle

09.02.2018   Photos

Derneck Castle
in Baden-Württemberg

Burg Hohenzollern

31.12.2017   Photos

Hohenzollern Castle
in Baden-Württemberg

Schloss Lauenburg

20.12.2017   Photos

Lauenburg Castle
in Schleswig-Holstein

Burg Hohenklingen

14.12.2017   Photos

Hohenklingen Castle
in Switzerland

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Our Highlights 2017

From Denmark to Switzerland, we traveled with our caravan through five countries. We visited amazing castles in Europe.
Here are our personal Fantastic Four 2017:

Hohenzollern Castle in Germany

Hohenzollern Castle
in Germany

Egeskov Castle in Denmark

Egeskov Castle
in Denmark

Munot Fortress in Switzerland

Munot Fortress
in Switzerland

Château de Vianden

Vianden Castle
in Luxembourg

Drone flights

Since July 2017, we go on tour with a drone. We fly with the Yuneec Typhoon H. From lofty heights you have a very nice overview of a complete area from amazing castles and ruins.

With permission from Bachritterburg in Kanzach, for example, a video was made, where you can also see the everyday life of a castle. In this senses, once again a big "THANK YOU" to Bachritterburg and it's members.
More pictures and infos: Bachritterburg